Meet Abenk of Bali Shadow who made freehand Rangda (Balinese mythological witch queen) in Australian Tattoo Expo, Perth 2017. He won The Best Freehand out of 60 contestants. I mean freehand like freehand without stencil or sketch, straight to the machine.

He started his career around 1991, like almost every tattooer in Indonesia, he made up his own tattoo machine out of a used dynamo. Most of Indonesian tattooer who started their career in 70’s to end of 90’s made up their own machine out of used dynamo. He studied in SMSR (Sekolah Menengah Seni Rupa/ High School of Art), but dropped out when he was in the 2nd grade. From the very first he studied realist, and it is not limited to his skin art but also for other artworks. The competitions in the tattoo industry are getting tight nowadays, especially in Bali where people around the world meet. So, even though his passion is in black gray realist, he provides his clients wide range tattooing style.


The turning point of his career was when getting tattooed by Made Moris from Tabanan. By time he was tattooed, he thought that he can do it too, so he started to learn how to tattooing. His role models are Gung Ade of Buddha Face where he has been studied and Lionk of Creative Tattoo. He used to work as freelance tattooer for 69 tattoo studio in Seminyak. In 2007 he met Agung Alit (the owner of Santa Fe Bar) and asked to join his newly build studio; Bali Shadow, there he stay ever since.

Check out his works @abenkbalishadow